Yuri Sakihama

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Culture-dependent and -independent techniques were combined to characterize the physiological properties and the ecological impacts of culture-resistant phylotypes of thermophiles within the order Aquificales from a subsurface hot aquifer of a Japanese gold mine. Thermophilic bacteria phylogenetically associated with previously uncultured phylotypes of(More)
A novel and sensitive immunoassay method has been developed in which the conventional sandwich immunoassay and the highly sensitive DNA detection method, the Invader method, are combined. The signal amplification function of the latter method has been successfully used to enhance the sensitivity of the sandwich immunoassay. The new assay method may be(More)
A depth profile of naturally occurring bacterial community structures associated with the deep-sea cold seep push-core sediment in the Japan Trench at a depth of 5343 m were evaluated using molecular phylogenetic analyses of RNA reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) amplified 16S crDNA fragments. A total of 137 clones of bacterial crDNA (complimentary rDNA)(More)
This paper reports the biochemical properties of two types of recombinant flap endonuclease-1 (FEN-1) proteins obtained from the thermophilic crenarchaeon, Sulfolobus tokodaii strain 7. One of the two FEN-1 proteins is a product of the gene with AUG as the translational start codon (StoS-FEN-1), which is originally assigned in the database. The other is a(More)
We have reported the construction of 1 Mb reduced genome Escherichia coli MGF-01 by a 28-step operation. This time, transcriptome analysis of MGF-01 was performed. Although the transcriptome profiles of the exponential phase in parental strain W3110red were well-conserved in MGF-01, the rspAB operon was highly expressed. A LacZ reporter assay of a series of(More)
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