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The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between mRNA and protein levels for P-glycoprotein (P-gp) expressed in various cell lines to validate the estimation of P-gp activity from its mRNA levels. P-gp expression levels in various cell monolayers, normal, P-gp-induced, P-gp-highly induced, (multidrug resistance, MDR) MDR1-knockdown(More)
PI-SceI (VDE), a homing endonuclease with protein splicing activity, is a genomic parasite in the VMA1 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In a heterozygous diploid of the VDE-less VMA1 allele and a VDE-containing VMA1 allele, VDE specifically cleaves its recognition sequence (VRS) in the VDE-less VMA1 allele at meiosis, followed by 'homing', i.e. a(More)
A mouse cell mutant, ts85, containing the temperature-sensitive ubiquitin-activating enzyme was arrested in G2 phase at the non-permissive temperature. In the arrested cells, azure C, a nucleolus-specific stain, revealed a U-shaped or ring-shaped arrangement of nucleolar lobes with an unstained region in the center. Silver staining of the nucleolar(More)
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, VMA1 intein encodes a homing endonuclease termed VDE which is produced by an autocatalytic protein splicing reaction. VDE introduces a DSB at its recognition sequence on intein-minus allele, resulting in the lateral transfer of VMA1 intein. In this review, we summarize a decade of in vitro study on VDE and describe our recent(More)
VMA1-derived endonuclease (VDE), a site-specific endonuclease in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, enters the nucleus to generate a double-strand break in the VDE-negative allelic locus, mediating the self-propagating gene conversion called homing. Although VDE is excluded from the nucleus in mitotic cells, it relocalizes at premeiosis, becoming localized in both(More)
PURPOSE To perform an epilepsy surgery on a patient with drug resistant epilepsy secondary to bilateral brain malformation. The patient was a 2-year 9-month-old boy who had congenital bilateral multiple abnormalities. He developed a complex partial seizure at 9 months old. Based on the presurgical evaluations, he underwent a right hemispherotomy. RESULTS(More)
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