Yuri N. Clement

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BACKGROUND The increasing global popularity of herbal remedies requires further investigation to determine the probable factors driving this burgeoning phenomenon. We propose that the users' perception of efficacy is an important factor and assessed the perceived efficacy of herbal remedies by users accessing primary health facilities throughout Trinidad.(More)
The transcription factor NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) plays an essential role in the mammalian response to chemical and oxidative stress through induction of hepatic phase II detoxification enzymes and regulation of glutathione (GSH). Enhanced liver damage in Nrf2-deficient mice treated with acetaminophen suggests a critical role for Nrf2; however, direct(More)
BACKGROUND There is an increasing prevalence of asthma in the Caribbean and patients remain non-compliant to therapy despite the development of guidelines for management and prevention. Some patients may self-medicate with medicinal herbs for symptomatic relief, as there is a long tradition of use for a variety of ailments. The study assessed the prevalence(More)
BACKGROUND The unprecedented global increase in the use of herbal remedies is set to continue apace well into the foreseeable future. This raises important public health concerns, especially as it relates to safety issues including adverse effects and herb-drug interactions. Most Western-trained physicians are ignorant of the risks and benefits of this(More)
BACKGROUND An ethnobotanical survey was conducted on the Caribbean island of Trinidad to identify medicinal plants commonly used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of medical conditions. METHODS A pilot survey was conducted to identify the top ten most common ailments where medicinal plants were used. The results of the foregoing study guided a(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer is a major disease worldwide, and many patients use complementary and alternative treatments. The purpose of this study was to identify the herbal remedies and functional foods used as complementary medicine by prostate, breast and colorectal cancer patients at speciality care facilities in Trinidad. We also sought to determine how(More)
Diclofenac sodium (100 mg) has been introduced in the Caribbean as a suppository formulation. In a randomized single-blind (observer-blind) clinical trial, the postoperative analgesic efficacy of diclofenac administered either as a conventional intramuscular injection (75 mg) or as the available suppository formulation (100 mg) was studied in 44 adult male(More)
Exposure of cells to toxic chemical species can result in reduced glutathione (GSH) depletion, generation of free radicals, and/or binding to critical cell determinants. Chemical stress is usually followed by a concerted cellular response aimed at restoring homeostasis, although the precise initial stimulus for the response is unclear. We have focused on(More)
OBJECTIVE Habitual green tea consumption has long been associated with health benefits including chemoprevention and cardiovascular protection. This non-systematic literature review presents the clinical evidence to date. METHOD A literature review of peer-reviewed articles on observational and interventional studies was conducted to include green tea,(More)