Yuri Melnikov

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The purpose of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to provide students education in the mathematical sciences necessary to function and succeed in an increasingly complex, technological world. Courses offered by the department are designed to prepare students who plan to enter graduate schools or professional schools of medicine or engineering; to(More)
Distributions of phosphate backbone-produced electrostatic potentials around several tRNAs were calculated by solving the nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann equation. The tRNAs were either free or bound to the proteins involved in translation: aminoacyl-tRNA and elongation factor EF-Tu. We identified several regions of strong negative potential related to typical(More)
We present state of the art, the new results, and discuss open problems in the field of spectral analysis for a class of integral-difference operators appearing in some nonequi-librium statistical physics models as collision operators. The author dedicates this work to the memory of Professor Ilya Prigogine, who initiated this activity in 1997 and whose(More)
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