Yuri Maesako

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The ground vegetation of an evergreen broad-leaved Persea thunbergii-dominated forest on Kanmurijima Island has been heavily damaged by a ground-burrowing seabird, the streaked shearwater (Calonectris leucomelas). To clarify the effects of seabird trampling and burrowing on the recruitment of tree seedlings, 22 paired quadrats, protected and unprotected(More)
The effects of trampling and burrowing by streaked shearwaters were studied on thePersea thunbergii forest in Kanmurijima Is. The vegetation data were analysed using both the phytosociological tabulation method and principal component analysis (PCA). The vegetation ordination on the first axis reflected the environmental gradient from light to heavy(More)
We investigated the range expansion histories of Machilus thunbergii populations in the Kinki region of central Japan on the basis of nuclear microsatellite data. In the Kinki region, M. thunbergii is typically found in the coastal area, with some fragmented populations inland, around Lake Biwa. Phylogenetic and Bayesian clustering analysis (STRUCTURE(More)
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