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{ We discuss a family of estimators for the entropy rate of a stationary ergodic process and prove their pointwise and mean consistency under a Doeblin-type mixing condition. The estimators are Cess aro averages of longest match-lengths, and their consistency follows from a generalized ergodic theorem due to Maker. We provide examples of their performance(More)
A system of interacting qubits can be viewed as a non-i.i.d quantum information source. A possible model of such a source is provided by a quantum spin system, in which spin-1/2 particles located at sites of a lattice interact with each other. We establish the limit for the compression of information from such a source and show that asymptotically it is(More)
This article addresses the issue of the proof of the entropy power inequality (EPI), an important tool in the analysis of Gaussian channels of information transmission, proposed by Shannon. We analyse continuity properties of the mutual entropy of the input and output signals in an additive memoryless channel and discuss assumptions under which the(More)