Yuri Kaneda

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BACKGROUND This study was designed to evaluate the effects of perioperative administration of an isotonic electrolyte solution with 1% glucose (IT) on blood sodium (Na+) and blood glucose (BG) concentrations in pediatric patients < 1-year-old undergoing plastic surgery in comparison with a conventional hypotonic electrolyte solution with 2.6% glucose (HT).(More)
To the Editor, We recently experienced a major breathing circuit leak following reinstallation of a disposable plastic canister prefilled with carbon dioxide absorbent during anesthesia. A 31-yr-old female underwent interventional endoscopic treatment for esophageal achalasia under general anesthesia using an Aisys anesthesia machine (GE Healthcare,(More)
BACKGROUND Motivated by the reported biological activity of 9-(beta-D-xylofuranosyl)adenine (xylo-A), the synthesis of its 4'-alkoxy analogues was carried out. METHODS The starting material 9-(3-deoxy-beta-D-glycero-pento-3-enofuranosyl)adenine (1) was prepared from adenosine. Compound 1 was converted to the 2',5'-bis-O-(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)(More)
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