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This note discusses another generalization of direct Routh table truncation method for interval systems. It is shown that the existing generalization of the direct Routh table truncation fails to produce a stable system, in contradiction to the equivalent result for fixed-coefficients systems. The present method guarantees a stable reduced order model for(More)
Model reduction of high order linear-in-parameters discrete-time systems is considered. The main novelty of the paper is that the coefficients of the original system model are assumed to be known only within given intervals, and the coefficients of the derived reduced order model are also obtained in intervals, such that the complex value sets of the(More)
Stability domain characterization in coefficients space of polynomials is considered. The proposed method generalizes some recent results on convex approximation of stability domain in coefficients space. The method provides a new LMI formulation of stability constraints for a very general stability region including disjoint regions. Numerical examples are(More)
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