Yuri Dikansky

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This Article presents an experimental study of the capillary electrostatic instability occurring under the effect of a constant electric field on a magnetic fluid individual peak. The peaks under study occur at disintegration of a magnetic fluid layer applied on a flat electrode surface under the effect of a perpendicular magnetic field. The(More)
In the present work the instability of a flat horizontal thin layer of a magnetic fluid (the depth of no more than 50 μm) under the action of a uniform magnetic field is studied experimentally. It was revealed that the development of instability under the action of tilted magnetic field can lead to the formation of parallel ridges on a fluid surface; the(More)
In the present work we report on the behavior of ferrofluid microdrops in an immiscible nonmagnetic carrier fluid and vice versa subjected to the action of magnetic fields. Our experiments evidence previously unexplored instability and flow patterns. We investigated the instabilities initiated by constant magnetic field and by combined action of constant(More)
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