Yuri Campbell

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WebAnima is an interface agent specially designed to assist team members of a CSCW application during their daily work based on computers. In WebAnima, the intelligent behavior is guaranteed thanks to a conversational interface and ontologies that support semantic interpretation. We believe that embodied conversational assistants will improve the quality of(More)
VoiceXML has emerged as standard for developing IVRS based telephony applications. It provides the requisite robustness and control over dialogue based delivery over telephone line. This paper presents a framework based on VoiceXML specifications for developing web based interactive voice applications. Communications are made using VOIP; therefore, user(More)
The complexity measures role has become much clearer in recent years as they help to better understand complex systems dynamical behavior. Even though the large number of measures proposed to tackle this issue for classical systems, for quantum systems only Kolmogorov’s algorithm complexity extensions have been proposed. Hence, the present approach makes(More)
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