Yuri B. Gaididei

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Abstract. We consider a curved chain of nonlinear oscillators and show that the interplay of curvature and nonlinearity leads to a number of qualitative effects. In particular, the energy of nonlinear localized excitations centered on the bending decreases when curvature increases, i.e. bending manifests itself as a trap for excitations. Moreover, the(More)
Serge F. Mingaleev, Yuri B. Gaididei, Peter L. Christiansen, and Yuri S. Kivshar 1 Nonlinear Physics Group, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia 2 Department of Mathematical Modeling, The Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark 3 Bogolyubov Institute for(More)
Modifying the curvature in magnetic nanostructures is a novel and elegant way toward tailoring physical phenomena at the nanoscale, allowing one to overcome limitations apparent in planar counterparts. Here, we address curvature-driven changes of static magnetic properties in cylindrically curved magnetic segments with different radii of curvature. The(More)
A magnetic energy functional is derived for an arbitrary curved thin shell on the assumption that the magnetostatic effects can be reduced to an effective easy-surface anisotropy; it can be used for solving both static and dynamic problems. General static solutions are obtained in the limit of a strong anisotropy of both signs (easy-surface and easy-normal(More)
The spin-transfer effect is investigated for the vortex state of a magnetic nanodot. A spin current is shown to act similarly to an effective magnetic field perpendicular to the nanodot. Then a vortex with magnetization (polarity) parallel to the current polarization is energetically favorable. Following a simple energy analysis and using direct(More)
We investigate the properties of nonlinear excitations in different types of soliton bearing systems with long-range dispersive interaction. We show that length-scale competition in such systems universally results in a multi-component structure of nonlinear excitations and can lead to a new type of multistability: coexistence of different nonlinear(More)
We found resonantly excited precession motions of a three-dimensional vortex core in soft magnetic nanospheres and controllable precession frequency with the sphere diameter 2R, as studied by micromagnetic numerical and analytical calculations. The precession angular frequency for an applied static field HDC is given as ωMV = γeffHDC, where γeff = γ〈mΓ〉 is(More)
For a curved chain of nonlinear oscillators it is shown that the interplay of curvature and nonlinearity may lead to symmetry breaking when an asymmetric stationary state becomes energetically more favorable than a symmetric stationary state. This phenomenon is studied analytically for a minimal model which effectively takes into account both mechanisms of(More)