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Experimental study on the kinetics of water vapor sorption on selective water sorbents, silica gel and alumina under typical operating conditions of sorption heat pumps
Abstract A selective water sorbent (SWS) is a composite material consisting of a porous host matrix and a hygroscopic substance (commonly an inorganic salt) impregnated into its pores. This workExpand
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Water adsorption dynamics on representative pieces of real adsorbers for adsorptive chillers
Dynamic optimization of adsorbent-heat exchangers (Ad-HExs) represents a key issue for the broader diffusion of adsorption cooling and heating (ACH) technologies. This paper is a sequel to an earlierExpand
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Kinetics of water adsorption on silica Fuji Davison RD
Abstract The kinetics of water adsorption on loose grains of Fuji Davison RD silica gel was studied by a TG differential step method in the temperature range 29–64 °C and in the pressure range 6.5–34Expand
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New composite sorbent CaCl2 in mesopores for sorption cooling/heating
New working material “CaCl2 confined to mesoporous host matrix MCM-41” is synthesised and studied keeping in mind its application for the sorption cooling/heating. For this mesoporous system theExpand
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Concept of adsorbent optimal for adsorptive cooling/heating
In this paper, we consider the role of adsorbents in adsorptive cooling/heating (ACH) and analyse which are optimal for specific ACH cycles. The conclusions are formulated in terms of the optimumExpand
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Modification of magnesium and calcium hydroxides with salts: An efficient way to advanced materials for storage of middle-temperature heat
Thermochemical heat storage can greatly contribute to higher efficiency of numerous industrial processes and units, especially based on renewable energy sources and/or polygeneration systems. PureExpand
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Dynamic study of adsorbers by a new gravimetric version of the Large Temperature Jump method
This paper presents a new experimental setup devoted to measure the ad-/desorption kinetics of an Ad-HEX (adsorbent+heat exchanger) under typical boundary conditions of an Adsorption Heat TransformerExpand
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Dynamic study of methanol adsorption on activated carbon ACM-35.4 for enhancing the specific cooling power of adsorptive chillers
Lower specific cooling power (SCP) as compared to absorption and compression chillers slows down a broader application of adsorption cooling (AC) technology. In this paper, we endeavor to find outExpand
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Composite “LiCl/vermiculite” as advanced water sorbent for thermal energy storage
Abstract Sorption heat storage (SHS) is a promising technology towards efficient use of renewable energy sources. Materials based on hygroscopic salts and their hydrates have a high potential for SHSExpand
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NH2-MIL-125 as a promising material for adsorptive heat transformation and storage
With increasing demand for heating and cooling, the effective utilization of renewable and waste thermal energy becomes a significant challenge. Due to its high energy saving potential AHTExpand
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