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Herbal medicine requires searching for new sources with antimicrobial activity. Alkanna sp. (Boraginaceae) is widely used in medicine due to detoxification and antibacterial effects. The aim of this study was to obtain Alkanna orientalis (L.) Boiss. plant callus extracts, to investigate antimicrobial activity of extracts against bacteria and yeast and to(More)
A new genus and species of Discocephalini, Acanthocephalonotum martinsnetoi gen. n. et sp. n. is described from Río Pichileufú, middle Eocene of Patagonia, Argentina at palaeolatitude ~ 46°S. The new species is the first fossil representative of the Discocephalinae. This taxon is extant in equatorial to subtropical America, and some species reach warm(More)
Hallodapomimusantennatus sp. n. (Hemiptera: Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae, Hallodapini) is described from a macropterous female found in Eocene Baltic amber. The new species can be recognized readily from the other species of the genus, mainly due to its unusual second antennal segment. A key for the identification of all known fossil Hallodapini is(More)
Metoisops akingbohungbei, M. groehni, M. punctatodiffusus, M. intergerivus, M. grabenhorsti, M. variabilis, and M. consimilis are described as new species from the late Eocene Baltic, Ukrainian, (Rovno) and Saxonian (Bitterfeld) amber. The new diagnosis of the genus Metoisops and also all species of this genus presented, along with illustrations. An(More)
A new species from Ghana, Psallops niedzwiedzkii Herczek & Popov, sp. n. is described. The dorsal habitus, head and male genitalia are presented and some morphological features are discussed. A key, short descriptions and map of the distribution of the African species of the genus are also provided.
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