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We propose a dispersion-compensating fiber based on hybrid lighting guide mechanism, which value of negative dispersion can reach to &#x2212;1&#x00D7;10<sup>5</sup>ps/nm/km. This type of DCF gets a large negative dispersion by a coupling between the guiding mode in the edge of the band-gap and the cladding deficit, which is different from the ordinary(More)
A novel approach to photonic generation of frequency-coded microwave signals based on optical pulse shaping using the cost efficient sampled Bragg grating technique is proposed. The generation of binary frequency-coded microwave pulse signals with center frequency of 23GHz is demonstrated via simulation.
The research of the measuring methods for electromagnetic pulse have important significance. The principle and the scheme of the optical fiber sensor based on magneto-optic crystal are introduced. The effect of the linear birefringence and the incident polarizing angle on the output performance of the optical fiber sensor are derived and analyzed using(More)
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