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Coronatine (COR), a structural and functional mimic of jasmonates, is involved in a wide array of effects on plant development and defence responses. This study was conducted to explore the role of exogenously applied COR in alleviating the adversities of drought stress in soybean. COR treatment markedly increased the activities of antioxidant enzymes and(More)
Studies have suggested that facial appearance leads to judgment of a person's character, e.g. wide-faced males are considered aggressive and untrustworthy, large eyes make a person appear honest and non-dominant, and short ears and nose give impressions of warmth and honesty. In this study we investigate whether we make similar judgment with an avatar's(More)
Chlorophyll (Chl) b is a ubiquitous accessory pigment in land plants, green algae, and prochlorophytes. This pigment is synthesized from Chl a by chlorophyllide a oxygenase and plays a key role in adaptation to various environments. This study characterizes a rice mutant, pale green leaf (pgl), and isolates the gene PGL by using a map-based cloning(More)
This paper investigates how expressions of emotion affect persuasiveness when the expresser and the recipient have different levels of power. The first study demonstrates that when the recipient overpowers the expresser, emotional expressions reduce persuasion. A second study reveals that power and perceived appro-priateness of emotional expressions(More)
Recent work in eye tracking and facial expression analysis has enabled new forms of hands-free user interaction with computer applications. There has been particular emphasis on using these mechanisms individually for drawing and other artwork related applications (e.g. [Shugrina et al. 2006] [Hornof et al. 2004]).In this paper we explore the combination of(More)
The objective was to determine the effects of psychrotrophic-thermophilic complex microbial agent (PTCMA) comprised of a psychrotrophic bacterium consortium (PBC) and a thermophilic cellulolytic fungi consortium (TCFC), on composting in a cold climate. Mixtures of dairy manure and rice straw were inoculated with PTCMA, PBC, TCFC and sterile water (control)(More)
To better understand the molecular mechanisms behind plant growth and leaf senescence in monocot plants, we identified a mutant exhibiting dwarfism and an early-senescence leaf phenotype, termed dwarf and early-senescence leaf1 (del1). Histological analysis showed that the abnormal growth was caused by a reduction in cell number. Further investigation(More)
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