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Two moderately halophilic strains, PT-11T and PT-20T, were isolated from saline alkali soil samples collected in Shache County, Xinjiang Province, China. Both strains are aerobic, Gram-positive, motile rods. Strain PT-11T grows at 15–40 °C and at pH 6.5–10.0, while PT-20T grows at 15–40 °C and at pH 6.5–11.0. The major cellular fatty acids in both strains(More)
In this paper, we use the plug-in and Whittle methods that are based on spectral regression analysis to test for the long memory property in 12 Asian/dollar daily exchange rates. The results according to the plug-in method show that with the exception of Chinese renminbi all series may have long memory properties. The results based on the Whittle method, on(More)
The Aux/IAA proteins are auxin-sensitive repressors that mediate diverse physiological and developmental processes in plants [1, 2]. There are 29 Aux/IAA genes in Arabidopsis that exhibit unique but partially overlapping patterns of expression [3]. Although some studies have suggested that individual Aux/IAA genes have specialized function, genetic analyses(More)