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CuInS2 nanocrystals are viewed as very good candidates for solar harvesting and light emitting applications. Here we report an optimized noninjection method for the synthesis of monodisperse pyramidal CuInS2 nanocrystals with sizes ranging from 3 to 8 nm. This synthetic route is able to yield large amounts of high quality nanoparticles, usually in the gram(More)
A series of ternary tetrapodal nanocrystals of CdSe(x)Te(1-x) with x = 0 (CdTe), 0.23, 0.53, 0.78, 1 (CdSe) were synthesized and used to fabricate hybrid nanocrystal/polymer solar cells. Herein, the nanocrystals acted as electron acceptors, and poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-1,4-phenylene vinylene) (MEH-PPV) was used as an electron donor. It was found(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to retrospectively study computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings of adenosquamous carcinoma of the pancreas (PASC). MATERIALS AND METHODS Twelve patients (six women and six men; mean age, 61.3 years; range, 47-78 years) who presented with PASC as documented by pathologic examination underwent CT(More)
Thermal inactivation kinetics of Ca²⁺-ATPase, changes in turbidity and rheological properties of actomyosin and myosin from yellowcheek carp during setting at different temperatures were investigated. Actomyosin and myosin setting at 40-45 °C exhibited greater extent and more rapid Ca²⁺-ATPase inactivation compared to at 25-30 °C. Formation of protein(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate features of urate deposition in gout and the association between these features and attacks of gouty arthritis using dual-energy computed tomography (CT). METHODS Dual-energy CT scans of both feet were performed in 80 consecutive patients with gout and 22 with asymptomatic hyperuricemia. RESULTS Overall, 333 areas of urate(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationships between changes in serum urate levels and dual-energy computed tomography (DE-CT) results during urate-lowering therapy (ULT) and to investigate the effects of treatment duration and drugs on changes in DE-CT results. METHODS Forty-four patients diagnosed with gout were enrolled in this investigation. DE-CT was(More)
Melanoma-associated antigens (MAGE)-A9 has been reported to play important roles in the development of human cancers. However, the association between MAGE-A9 expression and the clinicopathological characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is not well understood. The study was to detect the expression of MAGE-A9 in human HCC and investigate the(More)
Mesoblastic nephroma (MN) presenting in an adult is extremely rare. The computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of this tumor in adulthood have not been widely reported. We present two additional cases of adult MN and describe the multiphasic contrast-enhanced CT and MRI findings.
The tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) are proteins that specifically inhibit the proteolytic activity of the matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). TIMP-3, the only member of the TIMPs that can tightly bind to the extracellular matrix, has been identified as a unique tumor suppressor that demonstrates the ability to inhibit tumor angiogenesis,(More)