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Quantifying carbon in agroforestry trees requires biomass equations that capture the growth differences (e.g., tree specific gravity and architecture) created in the more open canopies of agroforestry plantings compared with those generally encountered in forests. Whereas forest-derived equations are available, equations for open-grown trees are not. Data(More)
Quantitative methods were used to examine soil properties and their spatial heterogeneity in a 0-year fenced mobile dune (MD0), an 11-year fenced mobile dune (MD11) and a 20-year fenced mobile dune (MD20) in Horqin Sandy Land, Northern China. The objective of the study was to assess the effect of vegetation restoration on heterogeneity of soil properties in(More)
The cultivated allotetraploid species Gossypium hirsutum, accounts for 90% of the world cotton production, has narrow genetic basis that's why its yield, quality or stress resistance breeding is stagnant. It is therefore, essential to explore desirable genes from Gossypium darwinii which has enviable traits such as high fiber fineness, drought tolerance,(More)
A continuous-state population-size-dependent branching process {Xt } is a modification of the Jiřina process. We prove that such a process arises as the limit of a sequence of suitably scaled population-size-dependent branching processes with discrete states. The extinction problem for the population Xt is discussed, and the limit distribution of Xt/t(More)
The Horqin Sandy Land is one of the most seriously desertified regions of China. In this paper, we measured the aboveground and belowground biomass, caloric value in biomass components, and biomass energy allocation at three distinct land-cover types of habitat along a desertification gradient in Horqin Sandy Land: non-desertification land (ND), light(More)
Multivariate random fields whose distributions are invariant under operatorscalings in both time-domain and state space are studied. Such random fields are called operator-self-similar random fields and their scaling operators are characterized. Two classes of operator-self-similar stable random fields X = {X(t), t ∈ R} with values in R are constructed by(More)
Horqin Sandy Land is a fragile, seriously desertified region located in Inner Mongolia of China. Overgrazing is one of the primary drivers of desertification in this region. We investigated whether the establishment of grazing exclosures in areas with active sand dunes enhances soil carbon (C) sequestration and benefits soil recovery. The results showed(More)