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The purpose of this clinical study was to examine nonsurgical treatments of periodontal disease comparing a diode laser to subgingival curettage with conventional hand instruments. The study group comprised 18 patients with moderate periodontal degradation who were treated without local anesthesia. Each quadrant was randomly allocated in a split-mouth(More)
Abstract. The usual quantile regression estimator of Koenker and Bassett (1978) is biased if there is an additive error term in the dependent variable. We analyze this problem as an errors-in-variables problem where the dependent variable suffers from classical measurement error and develop a sieve maximum-likelihood approach that is robust to left-hand(More)
Social relations can help to relieve the dilemmas called cold start and data sparsity in traditional recommender systems. Most of existing social recommendation methods are based on matrix factorization, which has been proven effective. In this paper, we introduce a novel social recommender based on the idea that distance reflects likability. It aims to(More)
Traditional recommender systems often suffer from the problem of data sparsity, because most users rate only a few of the millions of possible items. With the development of social platforms, incorporating abundant social relationships into recommenders can help to overcome this issue, because users’ preferences can be inferred from those of their(More)
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