Yuqi Bai

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– Catalogue service is crucial to the sharing and utilizing of geographic information. This paper provides a new architecture and its implementation of a geographic information catalogue service that can effectively manage distributed geographic data and services. The catalogue service is based on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Catalogue Service for(More)
Keywords: Catalogue service Geospatial metadata standards Grid computing OGC Web services a b s t r a c t A catalogue service facilitates sharing, discovery, retrieval, management of, and access to large volumes of distributed geospatial resources, for example data, services, applications, and their replicas on the Internet. Grid computing provides an(More)
This paper presents the work performed for the implementation of the geospatial product virtualization in the Grid environment. A virtual geospatial product is a product that does not exist in a geospatial data system but the system knows how to create such a product when a user requests the product. We use a two-step approach to the implementation. The(More)
AbstrAct With the rapid accumulation of geospatial data and the advancement of geoscience, there is a critical requirement for an infrastructure that can integrate large-scale, heterogeneous, and distributed storage systems for the sharing of geospatial data within multiple user communities. This article probes into the feasibility to share distributed(More)