Yupeng Zhang

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Canola (Brassica napus L.) is one of the most important oil-producing crops in China and worldwide. The yield and quality of canola is frequently threatened by environmental stresses including drought, cold and high salinity. Calcium is a well-known ubiquitous intracellular secondary messenger in plants. Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CPKs) are Ser/Thr(More)
Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that auditory cortex electrical stimulation (ACES) has yielded promising results in the suppression of patients’ tinnitus. However, the large variability in the efficacy of ACES-induced suppression across individuals has hindered its development into a reliable therapy. Due to ethical reasons, many issues cannot be(More)
Propionate is an important intermediate product during the methane fermentation of organic matter, and its degradation is crucial for maintaining the performance of an anaerobic digester. In order to understand the effect of temperature on propionate degradation, an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor with synthetic wastewater containing(More)
BACKGROUND There is limited evidence to guide treatment for pediatric cervical spinal tuberculosis with kyphosis (PCSTK). This study retrospectively evaluates the safety, feasibility and efficacy of 360-degree arthrodesis combined with anterior debridement and decompression for treating PCSTK, while simultaneously emphasizing the role of posterior fixation(More)
Aquaporins (AQPs) are a family of small, integral membrane proteins that have been shown to play an important role in tumor development and metastasis. Several studies have demonstrated that expression of AQP3 contributes to the enhanced migration of epithelial cells and is related to differentiation, metastasis and vascular invasion in lung and gastric(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate whether early hyperbaric oxygen is useful in rats with permanent cerebral ischemia, and whether its mechanism relates to the inhibition of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha-protein kinase C-alpha pathway. [Subjects] Healthy, male Sprague-Dawley rats (N = 108) were the subjects. [Methods] After middle(More)
Chaetominine is a quinazoline alkaloid originating from the endophytic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus CY018. In this study, we showed evidence that chaetominine has cytotoxic and apoptotic effects on human leukemia K562 cells and investigated the pathway involved in chaetominine-induced apoptosis in detail. Chaetominine inhibited K562 cell growth, with an(More)
The objective of the current study was to explore the inhibitory effects of quercetin on cadmium-induced autophagy in mouse kidneys. Mice were intraperitoneally injected with cadmium and quercetin once daily for 3 days. The LC3-II/β-actin ratio was used as the autophagy marker, and autophagy was observed by transmission electron microscopy. Oxidative stress(More)
STUDY DESIGN This is a retrospective case-control study. OBJECTIVES The surgical approaches to cervicothoracic spinal tuberculosis (CTSTB) were controversial. The aim of this research is to retrospectively compare the efficacy and feasibility of anterior-only (AO) approach, combined anterior and posterior (AP) surgeries, and posterior-only (PO) approach(More)
Vertical heterojunctions of two two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have attracted considerable attention recently. A variety of heterojunctions can be constructed by stacking different TMDs to form fundamental building blocks in different optoelectronic devices such as photodetectors, solar cells, and light-emitting diodes.(More)