Yuong-Wei Lei

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A three-dimensional muscle-based facial expression synthesizer is proposed. The proposed synthesizer will compute the contraction of 19 muscles and rotation of the jaw from 22 feature points estimated by the analyzer, then apply the muscle contraction model to modify the 3D head model. The head motion, including translation and orientation, is also derived(More)
We discuss two user interface issues for a headmounted display (HMD) based building walkthrough system: non-standard virtual reality(VR) input devices and perceived latency. We propose an useful procedure to help the user to attach various VR input devices easily. A Grey system based motion prediction method is applied to reduce the latency in our building(More)
In this paper, we present the architecture of a new multimedia E-mail system, which has been successfully developed in the Communication and Multimedia Laboratory of National Taiwan University. This prototype E-mail system is fully compatible with traditional Internet E-mails i n that the multimedia emails can be sent through Internet. For allowing one to(More)
, for visibility preprocessing of unrestricted (nonaxial) models. It is different from visibility preprocessing applied directly to nonaxial data. As a sculptor carves a statue, carving splits the nonaxial portion of a model, and results in a model with only axial polygons and a set of cuttings. The visibility information of the carved axial model can then(More)
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