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The influences of low-head dams on the fish assemblages were examined in this study, using fish data collected in six treatment and five reference sites at three low-head dams in the headwater streams of the Qingyi watershed, China. Comparing with those in the reference sites, local habitat variables were significantly altered by low-head dams in the(More)
Understanding food webs is important and useful for planning environmental conservation, management and restoration. However, research on food webs is not uniform globally; it tends to be concentrated in specific areas or ecosystem types, and would hinder our understanding of food webs and ecosystem processes. This study examined the trends in food web(More)
Identifying and explaining the pattern of how stream fish assemblages vary spatially are basic for the conservation and management of fish species diversity. Although low-head dams may facilitate the native invasions of generalist fishes to headwater streams, few studies have evaluated the impacts of the native invaders on indigenous fish assemblages. In(More)
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