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Automatic registration of color images to 3D geometry
We present an approach to automatically register a large set of color images to a 3D geometric model from the color images using a multiview geometry technique. Expand
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Bioreduction of hexavalent chromium using a novel strain CRB-7 immobilized on multiple materials.
In this study, a novel Cr(VI) tolerant strain CRB-7 identified as Bacillus sp., was isolated and characterized for its high Cr(VI) reduction. The strain CRB-7 grew well and effectively reduced Cr(VI)Expand
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Subcellular distribution, chemical forms and physiological responses involved in cadmium tolerance and detoxification in Agrocybe Aegerita.
A pot experiment was conducted to investigate the detoxification mechanism of Agrocybe aegerita (A. aegerita). The physiological responses, subcellular distribution and chemical forms of cadmium (Cd)Expand
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A novel microbe consortium, nano-visible light photocatalyst and microcapsule system to degrade PAHs
Abstract In this study, a MI-MC-photocatalyst compound system (MCS) was prepared for multi-PAHs degradation. Briefly, a high-efficient degradation microbe consortium (MC) was suspended inExpand
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Mechanisms into the removal and translocation of cadmium by Oudemansiella radicata in soil
This study investigated the removal and translocation mechanism of cadmium (Cd) by Oudemansiella radicata (O. radicata) in mushroom-soil rhizosphere and the fruiting body of mushroom. For this, theExpand
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A discussion on the adjustment parameters of the Slope Mass Rating (SMR) system for rock slopes
Abstract Rock mass classification systems are common tools used in the design and construction of rock engineering. Numerous classification systems have been developed for rock slopes, of which theExpand
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Inactivating marine microorganisms for photoelectrocatalysis by ZnWO4 electrode obtained by surfactant-assisted synthesis
Abstract Zinc tungstate (ZnWO4) was synthesized by hydrothermal method with the assistance of three kinds of surfactant (EG, CTAB, and SDBS). The ZnWO4 films were employed as anode to inactivateExpand
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Impacts of a novel strain QY-1 allied with chromium immobilizing materials on chromium availability and soil biochemical properties.
In-situ passivation of soil chromium (Cr) contamination based on chemical and biological passivators has been widely concerned, however, the cooperative effect of two types of passivators on CrExpand
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Fabrication of Cu-Doped CeO2 Catalysts with Different Dimension Pore Structures for CO Catalytic Oxidation
Transition metal oxides (TMOs) applied as catalysts whose catalytic activities are directly affected by their pores size and pores distributions. Herein, two-dimensional Cu-doped CeO2 (2D@Cu–CeO2)Expand
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Method of Early Prediction on Source Rocks in Basins with Low Exploration Activity
Abstract Low exploration activity fields (deep formation, deep water and new exploration areas) are important for petroleum exploration. Source rock evaluation, the result of which will determine theExpand
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