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Facing the price fluctuation and unstable supply of rare-earth material, motors that do not employ rare-earth permanent magnets (PMs) have been gaining research popularity recently. This paper proposes a non-rare-earth doubly salient flux controllable (DSFC) motor that incorporates the flux tunable characteristics of AlNiCo PMs and the hybrid excitation(More)
In this paper, to accurately evaluate the electromagnetic performances with the change of working temperature, a new electromagnetic-thermal coupling method is proposed for the double-salient permanent-magnet double-rotor motor, which combines the thermal network model with the finite-element method. First, a thermal network model and a finite-element model(More)
A precise measurement for the group delay of Frequency-Translating Devices (FTD) is always a difficult problem in measurement field. It almost has no choice but the modulation method for measuring group delay especially the group delay of FTD which can't accept the other local oscillator. To resolve the problem that a precise measurement method for group(More)
The use of double-rotor machines (DRMs) for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) has attracted considerable attention due to their compact structure and high torque density. Compared with the conventional four-quadrant transducer (4QT), the proposed flux switching permanent magnet double-rotor machine (FSPM-DRM) has PMs located in the stator, and can offer(More)
Recently, a new concept of electric variable transmission has been introduced to the power split of hybrid electric vehicles to improve the fuel economy and reduce the emissions. This paper presented an electric variable transmission system which integrated a new two-rotor doubly salient permanent magnet motor. The motor topology, operation principles and(More)
Considering the fact that the precision of frequency measurement of zero-crossing method and PLL(phase locked loop) method in the islanding detection of grid-connected PV(photo voltaic) generation system is influenced by the noise interference nearby zero crossing point of grid-connected side signal to be measured, this paper studies principle of six-point(More)
With the decrease of global petroleum resources and the severity of worldwide air pollution, development for new technology of vehicles is becoming the focus in the world. In this paper, a new two-rotor doubly salient permanent magnet machine with multi-operational modes and control strategies is presented for assist/full hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) use.(More)
By incorporating the design concept of multiple excitations and stator-partitioned structure into the FSPM motor, a new hybrid excited stator-partitioned flux switching permanent magnet motor (HESP-FSPM) is proposed in this paper. On the one hand, by using hybrid permanent magnet (PM), the volume of rare-earth PMs in the proposed machine is reduced(More)
By incorporating the concept of partitioned-stator into the flux-switching memory motor, a new stator-partitioned flux memory motor with AlNiCo and NdFeB permanent magnets (PMs) is proposed in this paper. Due to the partitioned-stator structure, the space competition among the armature winding, magnetization winding, and the two types of PMs is avoided(More)
Conventional flux-switching permanent-magnet (FSPM) brushless machines have emerged as an attractive machine type by virtue of their high torque densities, simple and robust rotor structure, and the fact that permanent magnets and coils are both located on the stator. In order to improve the torque density, the sandwiched FSPM (SFSPM) machine has been(More)