Yunyu Zhang

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Gene expression profiling provides unprecedented opportunities to study patterns of gene expression regulation, for example, in diseases or developmental processes. Bioinformatics analysis plays an important part of processing the information embedded in large-scale expression profiling studies and for laying the foundation for biological interpretation.(More)
Cancer represents the phenotypic end point of multiple genetic lesions that endow cells with a full range of biological properties required for tumorigenesis. Among the hallmark features of the cancer genome are recurrent regional gains and losses that, upon detailed characterization, have provided highly productive discovery paths for new oncogenes and(More)
Estrogen-related receptor gamma (ERRgamma) regulates the perinatal switch to oxidative metabolism in the myocardium. We wanted to understand the significance of induction of ERRgamma expression in skeletal muscle by exercise. Muscle-specific VP16ERRgamma transgenic mice demonstrated an increase in exercise capacity, mitochondrial enzyme activity, and(More)
BACKGROUND Completion of the human genome sequence along with other species allows for greater understanding of the biochemical mechanisms and processes that govern healthy as well as diseased states. The large size of the genome sequences has made them difficult to study using traditional methods. There are many studies focusing on the protein coding(More)
—Scarcity of the spectrum resource and mobility of users make Quality-of-Service (QoS) provision a critical issue in wireless networks. This paper presents a fuzzy call admission control scheme to meet the requirement of the QoS. It searches automatically the optimal number of the guard channels in a base station to make an effective use of resource and(More)
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