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A domino free 4-path time-interleaved second order sigma-delta modulator is proposed. This time-interleaved scheme uses only one integrator channel along with incomplete integrator output terms to completely eliminate the quantizer domino which is a key limit for the practical circuit implementation of conventional multi-path time-interleaved sigma-delta(More)
We used serial interface sending data to PC, serial interface also used for controlling programmable power supply. We read input voltage and current from power supply. We designed dc/dc converter Test Board(TB) for AMS experiment. We measure output voltages, output currents and power efficiency. It consist with several parts which control, load, interface(More)
In this research, we propose a pipeline system to identify disease-causal genes in whole exome sequencing data. The pipeline automates the execution of the following steps: 1) initial read data control and cleaning; 2) alignment to a reference genome; 3) post alignment analysis; 4) variant discovery. It also provides a variant analyses tool Exome data(More)
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