Yunyi Zhang

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Wireless sensor nodes, being highly energy constrained, formulating energy-efficient protocols in order to enhance network lifetime are of prime importance in wireless sensor networks. The LEACH and PEGASIS protocols which are elegant solutions to this problem try to minimize the overall energy dissipation by the nodes in the network. While the LEACH(More)
In this paper, we present a novel feedback control-based load shedding scheme for data stream processing. Firstly we apply system identification to establish a dynamic model to describe data stream management system (DSMS), which enables us to analyze DSMS quantitatively. Then, based on the model, we use the Root Locus method to design the PI controller(More)
In this paper, we present a hybrid of graph-based and neural network modeling system of Chinese Ancient Pagoda (CAP). To implement the pagoda modeling system, we have built a basic element model library of pagoda by L system and a corresponding feature library. Feature points have been detected by our feature points extraction algorithm. After the Feature(More)
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