Yunyi Zhang

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A novel maximum-energy shortest path tree algorithm (MESPT), which is a two-phase algorithm, for data aggregation in wireless sensor networks was proposed. In the first phase, it constructs a maximum-energy path tree (MEPT) which balances the energy consumption among the sensor nodes. In the second phase, it restructures the tree by the shortest path(More)
With the development of information technology, the demand for video transmission in wireless networks rapidly increases. The traditional traffic shaping algorithms cannot fully (or adequately) meet the demand for high-quality video transmission in wireless networks. Aiming to reduce this problem, this paper proposes a new multi-service flow, token bucket(More)
An energy-efficient data gathering protocol called E2DGP that takes advantage of spatial and temporal correlation of sampling data for WSNs is proposed in this paper. E2DGP includes a clustering method of balancing energy consumption, a data prediction transmission strategy and an energy-aware multihop routing algorithm. In clustering process phase, the(More)
In this paper, we present a novel feedback control-based load shedding scheme for data stream processing. Firstly we apply system identification to establish a dynamic model to describe data stream management system (DSMS), which enables us analyze DSMS quantitatively. Then, based on the model, we use the Root Locus method to design the PI controller with(More)
The genome of pathogenic Leptospira interrogans contains two chromosomes. Plasmids and prophages are known to play specific roles in gene transfer in bacteria and can potentially serve as efficient genetic tools in these organisms. Although plasmids and prophage remnants have recently been reported in Leptospira species, their characteristics and potential(More)
The processes of extracting knowledge structures for continuous, rapid records are known as the Data Stream Mining. The main issue in stream mining is handling streams of elements delivered rapidly which makes it infeasible to store everything in active storage. To overcome this problem of handling voluminous data we exposed a novel load shedding system(More)
In this paper, we present a hybrid of graph-based and neural network modeling system of Chinese Ancient Pagoda (CAP). To implement the pagoda modeling system, we have built a basic element model library of pagoda by L system and a corresponding feature library. Feature points have been detected by our feature points extraction algorithm. After the Feature(More)
A virtual backbone plays an important role for routing and connectivity management in wireless networks. In this paper, we propose a novel distributed algorithm to construct and maintain a virtual backbone to mitigate the unevenness of energy distribution and its undesirable effects like reduced network lifetime and loss of connectivity for wireless sensor(More)
ITALIC! Bacillus cereusis an opportunistic foodborne pathogen. The phage vB_BceS-MY192 was isolated from ITALIC! B. cereus192 in a cooked rice sample. The temperate phage belongs to the ITALIC! Siphoviridaefamily, ITALIC! Caudoviralesorder. Here we announce the phage genome sequence and its annotation, which may expand the understanding of ITALIC! B.(More)