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Although Leptospira interrogans is unable to utilize glucose as its carbon/energy source, the LA_1437 gene of L. interrogans serovar Lai potentially encodes a group III glucokinase (GLK). The L. interrogans GLK (LiGLK) heterogeneously expressed in Escherichia coli was purified and proved to be a homodimeric enzyme with its specific activity of 12.3 ± 0.6(More)
The genome of pathogenic Leptospira interrogans contains two chromosomes. Plasmids and prophages are known to play specific roles in gene transfer in bacteria and can potentially serve as efficient genetic tools in these organisms. Although plasmids and prophage remnants have recently been reported in Leptospira species, their characteristics and potential(More)
The Leptospira interrogans genome encodes two copies of cheR genes and each of them is able to complement for the swarming defective phenotype of Escherichia coli cheR null mutant RP1254 to certain extent, while over-expression of either of them inhibits the swarming of the chemotactic wild-type E. coli strain, RP437. Therefore, both CheR1 and CheR2 ought(More)
ITALIC! Bacillus cereusis an opportunistic foodborne pathogen. The phage vB_BceS-MY192 was isolated from ITALIC! B. cereus192 in a cooked rice sample. The temperate phage belongs to the ITALIC! Siphoviridaefamily, ITALIC! Caudoviralesorder. Here we announce the phage genome sequence and its annotation, which may expand the understanding of ITALIC! B.(More)
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