Yunya Zhou

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In e-healthcare record systems (EHRS), attribute-based encryption (ABE) appears as a natural way to achieve fine-grained access control on health records. Some proposals exploit key-policy ABE (KP-ABE) to protect privacy in such a way that all users are associated with specific access policies and only the ciphertexts matching the users’ access policies can(More)
We introduce and formalize the notion of <i>group-oriented proofs of storage</i> (GPoS). In GPoS, each file owner, after being authorized as a member by a group manager, can outsource files to a group storage account maintained by an untrusted party, for example, a cloud storage server, while anyone can efficiently verify the integrity of the remotely(More)
There is an increasing demand of securely selling pay-TV channels to large organizations such as chained hotels. Most solutions usually employ a key generation authority to distribute secret access credentials for all users, which would cause the single-point problem of inefficient key management. Further, there is a risk of the leakage of users’ access(More)
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