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With rising energy concerns, efficient energy conversion and storage devices are required to provide a sustainable, green energy supply. Solar cells hold promise as energy conversion devices due to their utilization of readily accessible solar energy; however, the output of solar cells can be non-continuous and unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to(More)
Activated cotton textile (ACT) with porous tubular fibers embedded with NiS2 nanobowls and wrapped with conductive graphene sheets (ACT/NiS2-graphene) was fabricated by a simple two-step heat treatment method. When used as a binder-free electrode, the ACT/NiS2-graphene electrode exhibited an exceptional electrochemical performance including ultrahigh(More)
Carbon-supported bimetallic Pt-Co cathode catalysts have been previously identified as higher activity alternatives to conventional Pt/C catalysts for fuel cells. In this work, a series of Pt-Co/C catalysts were synthesized using electroless deposition (ED) of Pt on a Co/C catalyst prepared by modified charge enhanced dry impregnation. X-ray diffraction(More)
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