Yunya Zhang

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Activated cotton textile (ACT) with porous tubular fibers embedded with NiS2 nanobowls and wrapped with conductive graphene sheets (ACT/NiS2-graphene) was fabricated by a simple two-step heat treatment method. When used as a binder-free electrode, the ACT/NiS2-graphene electrode exhibited an exceptional electrochemical performance including ultrahigh(More)
With rising energy concerns, efficient energy conversion and storage devices are required to provide a sustainable, green energy supply. Solar cells hold promise as energy conversion devices due to their utilization of readily accessible solar energy; however, the output of solar cells can be non-continuous and unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to(More)
An effective strategy to tackle the twin crises of global deforestation and fossil fuel depletion is to recycle biomass materials for energy storage devices. This study reports a unique and innovative solution to capitalize on a currently overlooked resource to produce high-performance lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries from recycled paper. The recycled paper(More)
Carbon-supported bimetallic Pt-Co cathode catalysts have been previously identified as higher activity alternatives to conventional Pt/C catalysts for fuel cells. In this work, a series of Pt-Co/C catalysts were synthesized using electroless deposition (ED) of Pt on a Co/C catalyst prepared by modified charge enhanced dry impregnation. X-ray diffraction(More)
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