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We present MoodScope, a software system which infers the mood of its user based on how the smartphone is used. Similar to smartphone sensors that measure acceleration, light, and other physical properties, MoodScope is a "sensor" that measures the mental state of the user and provides mood as an important input to context-aware computing. We run a formative(More)
In this paper, we present the challenges in supporting multimedia, in particular, VoIP services over multihop wireless networks using commercial IEEE 802.11 MAC DCF hardware, and propose a novel software solution, called Layer 2.5 SoftMAC. Our proposed SoftMAC resides between the IEEE 802.11 MAC layer and the IP layer to coordinate the real-time (RT)(More)
System power models are important for power management and optimization on smartphones. However, existing approaches for power modeling have several limitations. Some require external power meters, which is not convenient for people to use. Other approaches either rely on the battery current sensing capability, which is not available on many smartphones, or(More)
Wi-Fi tethering (i.e., sharing the Internet connection of a mobile phone via its Wi-Fi interface) is a useful functionality and is widely supported on commercial smartphones. Yet existing Wi-Fi tethering schemes consume excessive power: they keep the Wi-Fi interface in a high power state regardless if there is ongoing traffic or not. In this paper we(More)
— In this paper, we present Structon, a novel approach that uses Web mining together with inference and IP traceroute to geolocate IP addresses with significantly better accuracy than existing automated approaches. Structon is composed of three ideas which we realize in three corresponding steps. First, we extract geolocation information of Web server IP(More)
Email is a key application used on smartphones. Even when the phone is in stand-by mode, users expect the phone to continue syncing with an email server to receive new mes-sages. Each such sync operation wakes up the smartphone for data reception and processing. In this paper, we show that this "cost of email sync" in stand-by mode constitutes a significant(More)
* : Bluetooth is a personal wireless communication technology and is being applied in many scenarios. Current existing MAC (Medium Access Control) scheduling scheme only provides best-effort service for all master-slave connections. It is very challenging to provide QoS (Quality of Service) support for different connections due to the feature of Master(More)
The convergence of Services Computing and Web 2.0 gains a large space of opportunities to compose “situational” web applications from web-delivered services. However, the large number of services and the complexity of composition constraints make manual composition difficult to application developers, who might be non-professional programmers(More)