Yunxiao Wang

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The aim of this study was to investigate the protective effect and mechanism of EPO on the apoptosis induced by high levels of glucose in retinal ganglial cells (RGCs). High glucose-induced apoptosis model was established in RGCs isolated from SD rats (1–3 days old) and identified with Thy1.1 mAb and MAP-2 pAb. The apoptosis was determined by Hochest assay.(More)
In this paper, we propose a distributed forward reasoning engine with general purpose called DifreEngine. We present the architecture of DifreEngine with detailed description of its modules. And then, we describe the working process of DifreEngine. Also we introduce the working mechanism of three important algorithms in DifreEngine called task division,(More)
In the present study, three regulatory networks, including a network of differentially expressed factors, a related network and a global network, were constructed hierarchically in order to analyze the association between genes, micro (mi)RNAs and transcriptional factors (TFs) in a systematical approach, rather than focusing on only one or several miRNAs or(More)
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