Yunxiang Zhao

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The IGF system plays important roles in growth. Nevertheless, few data have been reported so far on the expression of IGF system members and their relationship with growth in domestic animals, especially pigs. In this study, hepatic transcript level of IGF1, IGF2, IGF binding protein 2 (IGFBP2), IGFBP3 and IGF 1 receptor (IGF1R), plasma protein level of(More)
Fingerprint has been widely used in a variety of biometric identification systems in the past several years due to its uniqueness and immutability. With the rapid development of fingerprint identification techniques, many fingerprint identification systems are in urgent need to deal with large-scale fingerprint storage and high concurrent recognition(More)
The tasks of data-parallel computation jobs come up with diverse and time-varying resource requirements. The dynamic nature of task requirements brings challenges on making good scheduling decisions, due to it is hard to keep work-conserving. In this paper, we present BETS to cope with the requirement dynamics that aims at utilizing cluster resources fully.(More)
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