Yunxia Luan

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BACKGROUND The ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter superfamily is the largest transporter gene family responsible for transporting specific molecules across lipid membranes in all living organisms. In insects, ABC transporters not only have important functions in molecule transport, but also play roles in insecticide resistance, metabolism and(More)
The temporal and spatial variations of phoxim residue in apples were studied. The insecticide phoxim was applied by spraying according to the recommended dosage. The phoxim residues in different parts of apple were extracted with acetonitrile, purified by primary secondary amine (PSA) and C18 filler, and then determined by gel permeation chromatography-gas(More)
A label-free aptamer-based assay for the highly sensitive and specific detection of Ochratoxin A (OTA) was developed using a cationic polymer and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs). The OTA aptamer was used as a recognition element for the colorimetric detection of OTA based on the aggregation of AuNPs by the cationic polymer. By spectroscopic quantitative(More)
A surface sampling method for analysis of pesticide residues in pome fruit was studied by layer-by-layer scan from pericarp to kernel. Phoxim residues of apples, pears and papayas was determined by GC-MS, respectively, in core, different layers of pulp, peel ,as well as the whole fruit. Phoxim residue content was decreased when depth of the layer increased.(More)
Microorganisms live in all parts of the biosphere and are critical to nutrient recycling in ecosystems. In recent years, the development of methodologies for the analysis of microorganisms and microbial ecology, at the molecular level, has progressed phenomenally. This review introduces and compares the various molecular methods for studying microbial(More)
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