Yunwu Xiong

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(+)- And (-)-amphetamine and methamphetamine were N-oxygenated by the cDNA expressed adult human flavin-containing monooxygenase form 3 (FMO3), their corresponding hydroxylamines. Two major polymorphic forms of human FMO3 were studied, and the results suggested preferential N-oxygenation by only one of the two enzymes. Chemically synthesized(More)
In this paper, we used the continuous time random walk (CTRW) framework to characterize the transport process in 1250-cm long one-dimensional homogenous and heterogeneous soil columns at the experiments conducted by Huang et al. [Huang, K., Toride, N., van Genuchten, M.Th., 1995. Experimental investigation of solute transport in large, homogeneous and(More)
The optical nonlinearity and excited carrier lifetime in Ge nanocrystals (nc-Ge) embedded in a silica matrix have been investigated by means of single beam z scan and pump-probe techniques with laser pulse duration of 35 ps and 532 nm wavelength. The nc-Ge samples were prepared using magnetron cosputtering and postgrowth annealing at 800 °C. The nonlinear(More)
Reclaimed water is an important supplementary source for fresh water. Purification is necessary prior to utilization in order to minimize the pollution and human-health risk. A three-year experiment was carried out to study the removal of nitrogen and organics through a simulated soil aquifer treatment (SAT) system under continuous wetting and(More)
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