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With the increasing demand and the wide application of high performance commodity multi-core processors, both the quantity and scale of data centers grow dramatically and they bring heavy energy consumption. Researchers and engineers have applied much effort to reducing hardware energy consumption, but software is the true consumer of power and another key(More)
Virtualization can provide significant benefits in virtualized data centers by enabling efficient and effective live migration to ensure service level agreement(SLA). Most of existing studies make decision on which bad virtual machines (VMs) should be migrated to which appropriate physical machines (PMs) in terms of resource utilizations. However, migration(More)
Trusted chain technology provides a good opportunity to guarantee software and data integrities on cloud computing platforms. However, trusted chain on current virtualization computing platforms expose some problems, such as non-continuous, difficult to evolve or customize, insecure to transmit for remote attestation. To address these issues, this paper(More)
With the fusion of cloud computing and virtualization technology, system security under virtualization becomes a key point in recent research. As a foundational technology to construct a secure system, virtual machine introspection receives more attention than ever. Almost all of the existing virtual machine monitors take the privileged virtual machine(More)
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