Yunting Liu

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BACKGROUND Bipolar depression (BD) is characterized by alternating episodes of depression and mania. Patients who spend the majority of their time in episodes of depression rather than mania are often misdiagnosed with unipolar depression (UD) that only exhibits depressive episodes. It would be important to explore the construction of more objective(More)
Against the problem that quantitative localization is concentrated on single-source localization, this paper studies the quantitative multi-source localization methods based on wireless sensor network. Firstly, the logquantization strategy which reflects the characteristics of acoustic source is proposed. The sensor node transmits the quantized information(More)
At present, many research works focus on modeling trees and simulating the motion of trees in the wind. However, less work has been done in the representation of branch breaking and flying under the strong wind. The mechanism for branch breaking is discussed, and a branch breaking model is built. The motion of the broken branch can be divided into two(More)
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