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Orthogonal polyphase code sets with low aperiodic autocorrelation sidelobe peak (ASP) values and aperiodic cross-correlation peak (CP) values, can be used in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radar systems to reduce the interference between different signals. Tabu Search (TS) algorithm is proposed to optimize such orthogonal polyphase code sets with(More)
In order to achieve runway recognition correctly, aiming at the characteristics of area grey and edge line of runway, an algorithm for recognizing runway based on improved Radon transformation is presented. Firstly, the edge detectors are used to get edge image, and straight lines are extracted with improved Radon transformation in the edge image. Then(More)
A low noise interface application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for capacitive accelerometer is presented in this paper. A low-noise low-offset charge integrator is proposed to improve performance of the system. Correlated double sampling, closed-loop operational mode and PID controller are employed in this circuit to minimize the noise, offset and(More)
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