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Linking accounts of the same user across datasets – even when personally identifying information is removed or unavailable – is an important open problem studied in many contexts. Beyond many practical applications, (such as cross domain analysis, recommendation, and link prediction), understanding this problem more generally informs us on the privacy(More)
Despite being expensive and time consuming, board-level drop testing has been widely used to assess the drop or impact resistance of the solder joints in handheld microelectronic devices, such as cellphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). In this study, a new test method, which is much simpler and quicker, is proposed. The method involves evaluating(More)
Underwater sensor networks are emerging as a promising distributed data management system for various applications in underwater environments, despite their limited accessibility and restricted energy capacity. With the aid of recent developments in ubiquitous data computing, an increasing number of users are expected to overcome low accessibility by(More)
This study assesses the reliability of eutectic Sn–Pb, Sn–1.0Ag–0.5Cu, Sn–3.0Ag–0.5Cu and Sn–4.0Ag–0.5Cu solder bumps on three different pad surface finishes (ENIG, electrolytic Ni/Au and CuOSP) with and without an aging treatment at 150 ◦C for 100 h. This study focused primarily on how the pad surface finish and solder alloy composition affects the(More)
A high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) is one of the serious disadvantages of an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) system. Therefore, many PAPR reduction methods have been introduced. Especially, the signal scrambling methods such as selective mapping (SLM), partial transmit sequences (PTS), and polyphase interleaving and inversion (PII)(More)
An increasing fraction of users access content on the web from social media. Endorsements by microbloggers and public figures you connect with gradually replaces the curation originally in the hand of traditional media sources. One expects a social media provider to possess a unique ability to analyze audience and trends since they collect not only(More)
A solution-based process was investigated for synthesizing cubic Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO), which is known to exhibit the unprecedented combination of fast ionic conductivity, and stability in air and against Li. Sol-gel chemistry was developed to prepare solid metal-oxide networks consisting of 10 nm cross-links that formed the cubic LLZO phase at 600 ° C.(More)
This study simulated the performance of Cu-cored solder joints in microelectronic components subjected to the extreme thermal cycling conditions often encountered in the automobile industry by comparing the thermal cycling behavior of Cu-cored solder joints containing two different coating layers of Sn– 3.0Ag and Sn–1.0In with that of a baseline(More)
This paper presents a broad, pathfinding design space exploration of memory management units (MMUs) for heterogeneous systems. We consider a variety of designs, ranging from accelerators tightly coupled with CPUs (and using their MMUs) to fully independent accelerators that have their own MMUs. We find that regardless of the CPUaccelerator communication,(More)
The electrochemical stability of Li6.5La3Zr1.5Nb0.5O12 (LLZNO) and Li6.5La3Zr1.5Ta0.5O12 (LLZTO) against metallic Li was studied using direct current (DC) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Dense polycrystalline LLZNO (ρ = 97%) and LLZTO (ρ = 92%) were made using sol–gel synthesis and rapid induction hot-pressing at 1100°C and 15.8 MPa.(More)
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