Yunsong Qi

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In spite the fact that compatibility relation and similarity relation consider 'do not care' data as lost data, they were introduced to rough set to deal with incomplete information system. Incomplete information system in which 'do not care' data coexists with lost data, this article studies characteristic relation and discusses the unreasonable state(More)
This paper proposes a progressive sparse representation-based classification algorithm using local discrete cosine transform (DCT) evaluation to perform face recognition. Specifically, the sum of the contributions of all training samples of each subject is first taken as the contribution of this subject, then the redundant subject with the smallest(More)
The original rough set model cannot be used to deal with the incomplete information systems. Nevertheless, by relaxing the indiscernibility relation to more general binary relations, many improved rough set models have been successfully applied into the incomplete information systems for knowledge acquisition. This article presents an explorative research(More)
Moment invariants have been extensively studied and widely used in object recognition. The pioneering investigation of moment invariants in pattern recognition was due to Hu, where a set of moment invariants for similarity transformation were developed using the theory of algebraic invariants. This paper details a comparative analysis on several(More)