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Mass-varying massive gravity
It has recently been shown that the graviton can consistently gain a constant mass without introducing the Boulware-Deser ghost. We propose a gravity model where the graviton mass is set by a scalarExpand
Bouncing universe with Quintom matter
The bouncing universe provides a possible solution to the Big Bang singularity problem. In this paper we study the bouncing solution in the universe dominated by the Quintom matter with an equationExpand
Oscillating quintom and the recurrent universe
Current observations seem to mildly favor an evolving dark energy with the equation of state getting across -1. This form of dark energy, dubbed quintom, is studied phenomenologically in this LetterExpand
The Effective Field Theory of nonsingular cosmology
A bstractIn this paper, we explore the nonsingular cosmology within the framework of the Effective Field Theory (EFT) of cosmological perturbations. Due to the recently proved no-go theorem, anyExpand
Cosmological evolution of a quintom model of dark energy
We investigate in this Letter the cosmological evolution of a dark energy model with two scalar fields where one of the scalar has canonical kinetic energy and another scalar has negative kineticExpand
Higher order derivative coupling to gravity and its cosmological implications
We show that the R-(3)delta K operator in effective field theory is significant for avoiding the instability of nonsingular bounce, where R-(3) and K-mu nu are the three-dimensional Ricci scalar andExpand
Obtaining the CMB anomalies with a bounce from the contracting phase to inflation
Recent Planck data show the anomalies of cosmic microwave background (CMB) fluctuations on large angular scales, which confirms the early observations by WMAP. We continue studying an inflationaryExpand
In this paper, we study the possibility of building two-field models of dark energy with equation of state across -1. Specifically we will consider two classes of models: one consists of two scalarExpand
Proliferation in cycle
Abstract In the contracting phase with w ≃ 0 , the scale invariant spectrum of curvature perturbation is given by the increasing mode of metric perturbation. In this Letter, it is found that if theExpand
Dynamical analysis of the cosmology of mass-varying massive gravity
Abstract We study cosmological evolutions of the generalized model of nonlinear massive gravity in which the graviton mass is given by a rolling scalar field and is varying along time. By performingExpand