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As a key component in many computer vision systems, optical flow estimation, especially with large displacements, remains an open problem. In this paper we present a simple but powerful matching method works in a coarse-to-fine scheme for optical flow estimation. Inspired by the nearest neighbor field (NNF) algorithms, our approach, called CPM(More)
—Spectral unmixing amounts to automatically finding the signatures of pure spectral components (called endmembers in the hyperspectral imaging literature) and their associated abundance fractions in each pixel of the hyperspectral image. Many algorithms have been proposed to automatically find spectral endmembers in hyperspectral data sets. Perhaps one of(More)
—Fractional motion estimation (FME) significantly enhances video compression efficiency, but its high computational complexity also limits the real-time processing capability. In this paper, we present a VLSI implementation of FME design in High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for ultra-high definition video (Ultra-HD) applications. We firstly propose a(More)
Scalable video representation of the state-of-art scalable extension of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (SVC) and its combined 3d scalability feature offer an excellent solution to flexible video multicast over IP network. In order to relieve the impact of the severe bandwidth fluctuations and packet loss to the reconstructed quality in heterogeneous networks like the(More)