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OpenACC was announced in Supercomputing 2011 as a new standard for parallel programming targeting hardware accelerators [1]. Although the goal of the standard is to increase programmer productivity by using compiler directives, getting the best performance of the target device is still tedious and requires performance tuning. We propose a new methodology(More)
We demonstrate for the first time that seismic resonant multiples, usually considered as noise, can be used for super-resolution imaging in the far-field region of sources and receivers. Tests with both synthetic data and field data show that resonant multiples can image reflector boundaries with resolutions more than twice the classical resolution limit.(More)
We develop an approach for estimation with Gaussian Markov processes that imposes a smoothness prior while allowing for discontinuities. Instead of propagating information laterally between neighboring nodes in a graph, we study the posterior distribution of the hidden nodes as a whole—how it is perturbed by invoking discontinuities, or weakening the edges,(More)
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