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As a key technology in the digital communication system, blind equalization algorithm based on fuzzy neural network classifier is proposed. The algorithm overcomes bad judgment error. Channel estimation algorithm and fuzzy neural network classifier were combined to carry out equalization. The primary signal was attained by de-convolution. Judgment range of(More)
Reducing number of projection angles and lowering current intensity of X-ray tube are two common ways for reducing CT dose. Though reduced radiation dose of CT scan can lower damage to human bodies, Few number of projection angles will result in incomplete projection data while lowering tube current intensity a declined signal to noise ratio of projection(More)
Ant colony algorithm is a kind of novel simulation-biological evolution algorithm. An improved ant colony algorithm was utilized to solve the vehicle routing problem in emergency logistics. Genetic algorithm was utilized to optimize the parameters of ant colony algorithm. The algorithm possesses some characteristics such as strong total researching ability.(More)
The most outstanding feature of emergency distribution is time urgency. Decision maker should use less time to complete the distribution scheme which should guarantee the materials reach the emergency site with less time. At this time it is especially important to choose the optimal path in the decision-making process. This article builds up mathematical(More)
A blind equalization algorithm based on fuzzy neural network was proposed. Blind channel estimation and fuzzy neural network classifier were utilized to realize blind equalization. Firstly Blind channel estimation was used to identify the character of the channel. Signals were rebuilt by de-convolution, and the original judgment equipment was replaced by(More)
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