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Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase D (GPI-PLD) is an 110-kDa monomeric protein found in the circulation that is capable of degrading the GPI anchor utilized by dozens of cell-surface proteins in the presence of detergent. This protein is relatively abundant (5–10 μg/ml in human serum), yet its sites of synthesis, gene structure, and overall(More)
The role of connexin proteins (Cx), which form gap junctions (GJ), in progression and chemotherapeutic sensitivity of cervical cancer (CaCx), is unclear. Using cervix specimens (313 CaCx, 78 controls) and CaCx cell lines, we explored relationships among Cx expression, prognostic variables and mechanisms that may link them. In CaCx specimens, Cx32 was(More)
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