Yunqing Shen

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Gravitational collapse has been suggested as the major cause of Cenozoic extension in the North American Cordillera and many other orogenic belts. Although both crustal thickening and mantle upwelling may have contributed to the Cordilleran extension, previous models of gravitational collapse have focused on the former; the cause of mantle upwelling and its(More)
Ferrofluids are familiar as colloidal suspensions of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in aqueous or organic solvents. The dispersed particles are randomly oriented but their moments become aligned if a magnetic field is applied, producing a variety of exotic and useful magnetomechanical effects. A longstanding interest and challenge has been to make such(More)
Image-guided full waveform inversion (IGFWI) was proposed and synthetically tested in Ma et al. (2011). Compared with conventional FWI, IGFWI yields models (e.g., velocities) that make better geologic sense because it takes into consideration the subsurface structures, which can be apparent in migrated seismic images. Moreover, IGFWI converges faster in(More)
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