Yunqing Rao

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Recently, teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO), as one of the emerging nature-inspired heuristic algorithms, has attracted increasing attention. In order to enhance its convergence rate and prevent it from getting stuck in local optima, a novel metaheuristic has been developed in this paper, where particular characteristics of the chaos mechanism and(More)
For the first time, an improved hierarchical genetic algorithm for sheet cutting problem which involves n cutting patterns for m non-identical parallel machines with process constraints has been proposed in the integrated cutting stock model. The objective of the cutting scheduling problem is minimizing the weighted completed time. A mathematical model for(More)
In automotive industry, Painted Body Storage (PBS) is generally employed as a buffering and re-sequencing site, which has the capabilities of leveling unmatched production capacity and balancing different optimization objects between paint shop and trim shop. Takt Time becomes shorter with the growth of automotive production, and product configurations(More)
This paper is concerned about how to optimize the input sequence for a mixed-model assembly line (MMAL) with limited intermediate buffers. Three optimization objectives are considered simultaneously: minimizing the total production rate variation, the total setup, and the total assembly cost. The mathematical model is presented by incorporating the three(More)