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We benchmark planar MOSFETs, FinFETs, and nanowires in a wide range of design rules, spanning from 90nm down to 2nm. This benchmarking evaluates inverter switching speed for a load of 70 metal pitches long interconnect wire and a fan-out of one. Planar MOSFET logic slows down sharply at 14nm design rules, mainly due to short-channel effects reducing the(More)
A novel method for time-optimal pick and place motion planning based on robot dynamics is introduced. By using the elliptical trajectory with modified sine motion profile, the motion is smooth and suitable for high speed applications to avoid vibration. Since the modified sine motion profile is characterized by only two parameters, time-optimal pick and(More)
A new algorithm (called CPMPSO for short), in which PSO with constraint-preserving mechanism is used as a global search algorithm and PSO itself is used as local search one, is proposed in this paper to solve mixed-variable optimization problems. The values of non-continuous variables are got according to the velocity of the particle, the(More)
A new kind of dynamic dual-foveated imaging system in the infrared band is designed and optimized in this paper. Dual-foveated imaging refers to the variation in spatial resolution at the two selected fields across the image. Such variable resolution imaging system is suitable for a variety of applications including monitoring, recognition, and remote(More)
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