Yunqian Qiao

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The pigmentation of many Aeromonas species has been thought to be due to the production of a L-DOPA (L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) based melanin. However, in this study we found that although L-DOPA synthesis occurs in the high-melanin-yielding Aeromonas media strain WS, it plays a minor, if any, role in pigmentation. Instead, the pigmentation of A. media(More)
Array CGH enables the detection of pathogenic copy number variants (CNVs) in 5–15% of individuals with intellectual disability (ID), making it a promising tool for uncovering ID candidate genes. However, most CNVs encompass multiple genes, making it difficult to identify key disease gene(s) underlying ID etiology. Using array CGH we identified 47 previously(More)
Pyomelanin is the major constituent of pigment in melanogenic Aeromonas strains of bacteria. However, eumelanin, synthesized from tyrosine via L-DOPA and polyphenol oxidases (PPOs), may also be present in this genus since L-DOPA is frequently detected in culture fluids of several species. To address this question, we used a deletion mutant of Aeromonas(More)
This paper is aimed to study on engine start-stop control strategy in series-parallel hybrid system. Firstly, working principle of hybrid vehicle is introduced, especially on series-parallel hybrid system and engine start-stop technology. Secondly, control algorithm of engine start-stop is developed; we discuss different transition conditions in engine(More)
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