Yunqi Wang

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TGF-β modulates immune response by suppressing non-regulatory T (Treg) function and promoting Treg function. The question of whether TGF-β achieves distinct effects on non-Treg and Treg cells through discrete signaling pathways remains outstanding. In this study, we investigated the requirements of Smad-dependent and -independent TGF-β signaling for T-cell(More)
Evidence supports the notion that the fusiform gyrus (FG), as an integral part of the ventral occipitotemporal junction, is involved widely in cognitive processes as perceiving faces, objects, places or words, and this region also might represent the visual form of an abacus in the abacus-based mental calculation process. The current study uses a combined(More)
  • Yunqi Wang, Ichiro Misumi, Ai-Di Gu, T. Anthony Curtis, Lishan Su, Jason K. Whitmire +1 other
  • 2013
GATA-3 is a master regulator for T H 2 differentiation. It is however poorly understood if GATA-3 controls mature T cell function beyond T H 2 determination. We show that TCR signals and cytokine stimulation promoted GATA-3 expression in CD8 T cells, which controlled cell proliferation. While GATA-3-deficient CD8 T cells were generated, their peripheral(More)
Experienced mental abacus (MA) users are able to perform mental arithmetic calculations with unusual speed and accuracy. However, it remains unclear whether their extraordinary gains in mental arithmetic ability are accompanied by an improvement in numerical processing efficiency. To address this question, the present study, using a numerical Stroop(More)
Training can induce significant changes in brain functioning and behavioral performance. One consequence of training is changing the pattern of brain activation. Abacus training is of interest because abacus experts gain the ability to handle digits with unusual speed and accuracy. However, the neural correlates of numerical memory in abacus-trained(More)
Separating the components of soil respiration and understanding the roles of abiotic factors at a temporal scale among different forest types are critical issues in forest ecosystem carbon cycling. This study quantified the proportions of autotrophic (RA) and heterotrophic (RH) in total soil (RT) respiration using trenching and litter removal. Field studies(More)
BACKGROUND In vivo kinetics and frequencies of epitope-specific CD4 T cells in lymphoid compartments during M. tuberculosis infection and their resting memory pool after BCG vaccination remain unknown. METHODOLOGY/FINDINGS Macaque DR*W201 tetramer loaded with Ag85B peptide 65 was developed to directly measure epitope-specific CD4 T cells in blood and(More)
1. Abstract The objective of image fusion, is to make use of the complementary information in multiple images, to achieve a higher resolution and intelligibility. The fused images provide more comprehensive and more precise description, which is more suitable for human visual system and machine perception or further image-processing tasks. In this project,(More)
The effects of cultivar mixture cropping on yield, biomass, and water use efficiency (WUE) in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) were investigated under non-irrigation (W0, no irrigation during growth stage), one time irrigation (W1, irrigation applied at stem elongation) and two times irrigation (W2, irrigation applied at stem elongation and anthesis)(More)